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Savings Found in The Trash


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Company Profile

Company with 500+ industrial and retail locations.

Pain Point 

(prior to engagement with Energy Advantage)

This company had focused their efforts on managing their electric and natural gas expense, but when it came to their waste invoices they remained in the dark.  The waste invoices were mostly unaudited and unmanaged, and when the time came to renew contracts with their vendors, they had nothing to benchmark the rates against.  In addition, they had no way to track container sizes, pickups, or their recycling and landfill diversion efforts.


Energy Advantage was selected to implement a solution that would streamline the payment process of all waste invoices, as well as provide transparency into our client’s waste volumes, containers, pickups, and expenses.  Since our client had no catalog of their current accounts, we started by using our proprietary automation platform to capture data and build the history.  Within the first three months, over $25k of annual savings where recovered.  The client was also able to redirect several members of their internal staff away from paying waste invoices.  In addition, the client was able to improve their sourcing of waste contacts by leverage analytics during vendor bidding.  The solution had a total ROI of less than seven months. Today, using the ControlFreak™ platform, the client has a centralized and transparent view of their waste volumes, container sizes, pickup schedules and recycling efforts.