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Retailer Sees ROI of Four Months


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Company Profile

Global, 1000+ locations, Industrial and retail

Pain Point 

(prior to engagement with Energy Advantage)

This company had internally processed utility bills for the retail side of their business, which consisted of over 1,000 small footprint locations across the United States.  The volume of utility bills that come into their office required separate staffing and left little to no time for auditing.  This client also had no reporting or analytical tools to gain insights about each location’s energy usage.


Energy Advantage was selected to implement a solution on the retail locations with an aggressive schedule.  We first began by developing a project timeline that focused on a roll-out, involving the collecting of twelve months of billing history, changing mailing addresses, verifying ownership, and several other tasks.  In addition, the roll-out required little effort from our client as Energy Advantage was able to implement its automation technology for several tasks.

Today this client enjoys a streamlined utility bill automation program along with our rate class optimization and energy procurement services, among other solutions.  The total annual program savings has been between $3 - $6 million, with a return-on-investment of four months.