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Ideas once spread at a snail’s pace. That is until a German blacksmith named Gutenberg came up with this thing they call the printing press.

“I’ll take Most Influential People from the Last Millennium for $1,000 please, Alex.”

The steam engine. The cotton gin. Henry Ford’s assembly line. Hallmarks of the rise of efficiency and production that brought wealth to the Western world. A period of time we call the Industrial Age. It wrote the rules for a century and a half.

Of course, that’s history now. The Internet has connected the world. Proximity? Who cares? These are the days of mass customization. The Information Age.

History books remind us power was all about controlling the land.

 Now it’s about controlling the resources.

We call this energy management. People like us figured out how to do it well despite being at the mercy of some outside forces.

It’s been a good ride, but you can only blame a first-quarter nosedive on outrageous speculation or a freak-blizzard so many times.

Welcome to the Energy Age.

In the Energy Age, resources are wielded with exacting precision.

In the Energy Age, you don’t stop at data. Analytics tells the story.

In the Energy Age, there are no surprises.

The Energy Age is here whether you like it or not. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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