Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management

When engaging with a new client, we often find scenarios where there is either significant exposure or dollars left on the table. This is why understanding your risk regarding energy is essential for any organization.

The design of a risk management strategy should always be aligned with a corporation’s objectives. However, it is important to provide a corporation with the proper tools in order to make informed decisions.


Below are some necessary items to consider when designing a risk management strategy:

  • Design a risk management strategy with the understanding that a market-based approach is more cost effective over a long period of time.
  • Fix or hedge for budget certainty, rather than to attempt to “beat” the market.
  • Quantify and understand your risk exposure, as this creates transparency and will eliminate any surprises.
  • Determine how much risk your budget could withstand.
  • Consider hedging or fixing costs through a financial transaction.
  • Align goals with your corporation’s objectives.

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