Market Intelligence & Reporting

Marketing Intelligence & Reporting

Marketing Intelligence & Reporting

Energy markets are complex and can be very volatile. Without the proper understanding and advisement, many companies struggle to navigate these markets resulting in higher than expected costs while under-capitalizing on energy management efforts.


Our energy intelligence platform, Control Freak, is directly integrated with the various RTO/ISO and CME/NYMEX markets. This provides our clients instant access to real-time, day-ahead and futures market settlements. As well as instant access to the multiple variables that directly impact market settlements such as, electric generation and natural gas storage levels, federal and state regulations, and of course weather.

Having this access brings our clients knowledge...and that’s just not good enough! Knowledge is simply having access to lots of data. Intelligence is what’s required to successfully navigate energy markets and ensuring full-capitalization of energy management efforts...and Intelligence is exactly what we provide.

Analyzing all market data and tailoring our reporting to our client’s unique corporate demands, allows for market intelligence to emerge. By strategically leveraging this marketing intelligence, our clients decisions and focus on energy management initiatives are much more informed and powerful.

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