Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement

We believe that the best procurement strategy is one that meets your organizational goals by managing risk exposure, while also capitalizing on all savings opportunities. Our combination of energy market knowledge and experience in the wholesale world allows us to provide strategic purchasing strategies that provide optimum results.


Below are some key points for designing an energy procurement strategy:

  • The best energy procurement strategy aligns with your corporate initiatives.
  • Energy procurement should be designed with your demand-side strategies in mind.
  • A market-based approach will statistically be more cost-effective than a bundled fixed product over time.
  • Advanced energy procurement is comprised of two separate transactions: a physical commodity purchase and a financial risk management mechanism.
  • Multiple product requests force retail suppliers to expose their premiums.
  • An energy broker typically embeds their fees into quotes from suppliers they work with, whereas an unbiased consultant such as STARK Intel acts as an unbiased, transparent service provider focused on your organization’s best interests.
  • In order to have a truly successful procurement strategy, it is crucial to support it with a robust, centralized data management system.
  • The procurement process shouldn’t end with the signed contract.  Stark Intel audits supplier billing, provides detailed performance reporting, and maintains a proactive eye on the market for future purchasing opportunities as well as strategic hedging.

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