Budget Management

Budget Management

A sound budget is an essential piece of any good energy management plan. The volatile nature of the energy markets, changing regulations, operational and location changes, and the ever increasing challenges within your industry make managing an energy budget difficult. Stark Intel provides solutions for large public and private organizations to meet the complexities of an energy budget.


The development of a reliable energy budget starts with accurate data. Our sophisticated and centralized energy intelligence platform provides rich analytics around the key components that drive cost and usage. Next, our energy experts begin to model the additional components that may affect your cost and usage such as demand-side projects, production schedules, market futures, tariffs and regulations changes, and other components relevant to your sector.


Once a budget has been developed and deployed the work begins to continuously manage the components and identifying outliers. Stark Intel also provides routine in-month projections that support proactive measures and allow you to take control of your budget. These projections allow you to see what needs to change and at what locations in order for you to perform at or under budget.


Each location uses and pays for energy differently. Applying a blanket percentage to your budget puts you in a position to miss opportunity and take on unneeded risk.

On-Demand Reporting & Analytics

Our cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform allows you 24/7 access to reports, analytics, scanned bill images, and much more.

In-Depth Bill Auditing

Every bill runs through our sophisticated reasonableness system and alerts us of suspicious billing information. Our system has recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each of our clients receive a dedicated account manager that knows your process, understands your concerns, and is your day-to-day contact person.


In-period projections allow you to see what locations are performing over budget so you can take control of your costs before it’s too late.

99.9% Data Accuracy

Data accuracy is paramount to our process which is why all data processing is done in-house, and by trained staff that understands your accounts and billing. 


Our budgets are developed and managed at the account and meter level which gives us the complete picture and the details to back it up.

Knowledge & Experience

Our team has managed over 2 billion dollars of energy spend and works with some of the biggest companies in the world.

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