The 3-Headed Monster Wreaking Havoc On Your Energy Spend


Don’t believe in monsters?  That likely means one of two things:

  1. Best Case Scenario – Your organization has properly positioned itself with an intelligent energy management platform that analyzes the utility data from your energy bills and serves as the foundation of a top-notch corporate energy plan.  If this is you, fantastic!
  2. Most Common Scenario – Sadly, this dreaded monster is secretly skimming off the top of your energy spend…and he’s getting away with it.

So, what are the 3 “Heads” of this so-called Monster?


Utilities and energy suppliers make mistakes.  A lot of them.  The key is catching the errors and correcting them before unnecessary dollars fly out the door and snowball into a nasty black eye on that precious budget you worked so hard to put together.  What if you had a platform that not only processed your bills for payment, but alerted you that something was wrong before you paid the erroneous ones?  Not only are you saving money here, but you are also ensuring that the correct data is mined to properly analyze your facility’s usage and costs.  Your reporting doesn’t stand a chance without it!

Inaccurate data is a primary barrier to an elite energy management plan.  Building a budget and tracking performance against it both hinge on the quality of the information.  Even an industry-leading energy accrual process can’t overcome bad data.  An intelligent platform keeps you out of the dark – where the monster lives.

Missing Invoices

It’s the end of the month…do you know where your invoice is?  Organizations with multiple facilities can’t possibly track every bill’s whereabouts.  An intelligent energy management platform knows when a bill should arrive, and is on top of that M.I.A. invoice before it’s too late.

Lost in the mail?  No problem.  That brainy platform I keep mentioning can auto-retrieve invoices without waiting for the snail mail to arrive.  You pay your bills on time – you deserve a proper amount of time to issue those payments.  An average days-to-pay of 14 can be a reality!  If all else fails, that brainy platform is supported by a brainy staff that can step in to get that invoice directly from a vendor.

Late Fees

Is there anything worse than throwing money away?  Late fees shouldn’t happen.  Given a comfortable time-frame to pay your bill – see the 14 days above – things should run smoothly.  With an industry-leading platform that covers all of the bases, any late fees appearing on your invoice should be waived by the vendor.  Sounds like a job for that brainy staff…

If these problems sting to read about, have no fear.  The Kryptonite to this infamous monster is just a click away.  Bring a ControlFreak into your organization and lay the foundation for an elite corporate energy management plan.

And lock that monster away in the closet.