Energy Advantage is Becoming Stark Intel. What You Need to Know.

Energy Advantage is Becoming Stark Intel. What You Need to Know.

The Energy Advantage Team has been hearing from our clients for some time now, that they want to take the next steps on their journey to sustainability and smart energy management. We've been asked, "What can I do with these energy analytics," and "does Energy Advantage support on implementation for energy projects at our locations"? While we had always provided consulting that our clients relied on, we knew there was a gap we wanted and needed to fill. We're here to tell you, we hear you and we're evolving to drive greater value to our customers and increase our suite of services. You may have gotten an email and a couple of phone calls from us, sharing some news about our exciting changes. Thank you for visiting our website and reading this brief FAQ which will explain how things are changing for the better.

Energy Advantage is becoming Stark Intel, and coming under the umbrella of Stark Technologies Group. To provide a little bit of background, one of our long-held minority partners, who is the owner of a very successful building automation company, acquired Energy Advantage in August 2017. This acquisition was part of a greater strategy to add expertise and increase capacity to best serve our clients energy management needs. This strategy has allowed us to hire more staff, further refine and build out the Control Freak System, and tap the resources of our sister companies to fill the gap that our client's are looking to fill. 

As of December 1st 2018, we will be officially Stark Intel, a Stark Technologies Group company. To complete the transition, we are retiring the Energy Advantage name, logo and brand to become Stark Intel. We’re also planning to transition all contact to new email addresses and forward access to the system by December 1st, 2018. Below are some additional highlights of what to expect as we complete our migration.

What is Changing as Energy Advantage Becomes Stark Intel?

While on the surface, there will be some changes to our brand, look and feel, our best in class services remain unchanged. We are fully committed to fulfilling our utility bill management and procurement services to existing and future clients. On the consulting side, you may notice an enhancement as we uncover more intelligence and opportunities to save money and better optimize your portfolio's energy use. We will be sharing new developments soon so stay tuned. Below are some things to expect during our transition to Stark Intel.

Emails will change to starktechgroup.com

Your main points of contacts will be using a new email. Their existing Energy Advantage emails will still forward for a short time. Your contacts at Energy Advantage will start to use their new starktechgroup.com emails to correspond with you.

Logging in to ControlFreak

Log-in to ControlFreak through the Energy Advantage website will eventually be re-routed and accessed through starktechgroup.com site. For now, you will be able to use your bookmark or the original URL to access the system until 12/1. At that time, a forwarding address will show up and re-route you to the starktechgroup.com site. The way you log in, and all the functionality will be exactly as it has been. 

Branding, Look and Feel

Since we are re-branding as Stark Intel, a Stark Technologies Group Company, the Energy Advantage logo will be retired from reports, emails, invoices etc. and be replaced with our Stark Intel logos. Email signatures, contact phone and address will be for our new headquarters, at 95 Stark Street Buffalo, NY 14150. We’re still based in Western New York with additional offices throughout New England.

Access to Stark Technologies Group Companies

You have asked for consulting and expertise in these areas, so we’ve made the investment to make them available to you. Competencies like in-house engineering, HVAC design, project management, building controls and automation, and equipment level continuous monitoring and commissioning are all coming together under one roof.