ControlFreak – 2017.06

More new features and updates to ControlFreak!

It’s that time again and we are excited to announce more new enhancements and features to our energy intelligence platform, ControlFreak. These new enhancements are available immediately to our valued customers that are already using ControlFreak at no additional cost. If you would like to learn more or are interested in contributing ideas and feedback to future releases, please contact your account manager.

New features and announcements

  • We continue to add new vendors to GoGet, your automated eBill capture platform. This automated process removes thousands of pieces of paper each day from the typical paper invoicing process.
  • We have improved the security of our api and remote integrated authentication access points.
  • You can now add a ‘monitorForMissing‘ tag with a value of ‘false’ to accounts and meters that do not need to be monitored on the missing bills reports.
  • We have greatly improved the re-billing tool with several new features and a more intuitive layout.
  • You can now upload documents to a building project or event.
  • The long-awaited copy meter tool is now available in the building page which will allow you to copy all the meter’s details, coding, tags and comments over to a new meter.
  • You can now easily add or remove a meter from a group in the building page.
  • A new report is available for exporting line item level data from ControlFreak. Contact your account manager for details and how to access this report, or additional reports. 
  • After a cost allocation has been committed, you can now choose to download all files instead of downloading each file one-by-one
  • And many more!

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