ControlFreak – 2016.07

ControlFreak is better than ever!

We are excited to announce new enhancements and features to our energy intelligence platform, ControlFreak. These new enhancements are available immediately to our valued customers that are already using ControlFreak at no additional cost. If you would like to learn more or are interested in contributing ideas and feedback to future releases, please contact your account manager.

New Features

  • We have updated the layout and functionality of the Performance Indicators section under each building. The new updates allow you to group your performance indicators into categories like “Store Hours” and “Units Produced”. The updates also allow you to more easily edit and delete each time period.
  • The Account Settings personal preferences page and security page have been enhanced. You can now add tags to your individual user account. Tags are a unique approach to managing and classifying data and are used throughout ControlFreak. Use tags to change your default reporting unit, report format, as well as many other actions. For a list of applicable tags click on the “info” button near any tag menu.
  • When running reports, you can now use meter groups for inclusive filtering of your data. After selecting your group, you will see a new option for “All Group(s)” or “Any Group”.  Selecting “All Group(s)” will inclusively filter your data.  This means that a meter must existing in all selected groups for it to show in your report as opposed to any group.
  • Many reports now include an “Advanced Options” selection near the end of the report builder. This will allow you to select different unit conversions for a report among other options.
  • New units are available for Time and Volume measurements.
  • Several other updates including: bug fixes, performance improvements, and security improvements.


Login and check out the new features!